He hurt you, but does he regret it? 12 signs to look for


Have you ever wondered if he truly regrets hurting you? Sometimes, actions speak louder than words, and subtle signs can reveal a lot about a person’s true feelings. In our latest post, we will look into the psychological cues that show he might just be aching with regret. Keep reading to uncover the 13 signs that suggest he wishes he could turn back time and make things right.

1. He keeps chasing you

When someone feels bad about hurting you, they often try hard to get your attention back. They might keep messaging you, calling, or even trying to meet you in person. This ongoing effort to connect with you shows that they miss being around you and are sorry for any upset they’ve caused.

Dr. John Gottman discusses in his book, “The Relationship Cure” that consistent, positive attempts to connect are crucial for repairing and strengthening relationships. When someone goes out of their way to reach out through calls, messages, or even showing up in person, it is their way of saying they miss you and are sorry. 

2. He checks in on you more than usual

If he starts checking on you more than usual after an argument like asking how you are feeling, if you have eaten, or how your day went, it shows he really cares about you and is sorry for any hurt he caused. This extra effort to talk more is his way of trying to fix things between you two.

3. He is willing to see things from your point of view

When someone really tries to understand how you felt during and after a disagreement, it is a big sign they regret what happened. If he listens closely to you and tries to see things your way, it shows he cares about your feelings and is sorry for not thinking about them before.

4. He can’t stop showing up

If he keeps turning up at places you like to go or events you are at, it probably means he wants to stay close to you. This shows he is looking for chances to fix things and prove to you that he has changed.

5. He is trying to make amends

When he is trying to make amends, it is more than just saying sorry. He is actually doing things to fix his mistakes. This could mean giving back something he borrowed, fixing something he broke, or even admitting his mistakes in front of others. These actions show he is really serious about making things right and that he regrets what happened.

6. He is willing to seek professional help

When he decides to get help from a therapist or counselor to work through problems that caused pain, it is a big step towards fixing things. Choosing to see a professional shows he wants to understand his actions better and is really committed to making things better between you two.

7. He goes the extra mile

When he goes the extra mile, it means he is doing a lot more than usual to make you happy. This could be planning a special day just for you, helping you with your tasks, or putting your needs before his. These actions show he really wants to make up for any mistakes and prove how sorry he is.

8. He feels genuinely sorry

When he is truly sorry, you can see it in his face and hear it in the way he talks about what happened. If his apologies feel heartfelt and he seems genuinely sad about the pain he caused, it is a clear sign that he really regrets his actions.

9. He is obsessed with the ‘what ifs’

If he keeps talking about how things could have been different, like saying, “What if I had done this instead?” It shows he is really thinking about his actions and wishes he could take back the hurt he caused. This kind of thinking shows he deeply regrets what happened.

10. If the relationship has ended, he wants to be in your life as a friend

Even if your relationship did not work out, if he wants to stay friends, it might be because he still cares a lot about you and is sorry you two split up. His effort to keep you in his life in any way shows that he misses the connection you both had.

11. Your loved ones can see the change

Sometimes, your friends and family might spot changes in him before you do. If they point out that he seems different or that he is working to improve, it is a good sign that he is really making an effort to change for the better.

12. He is more loving toward you

If he starts being more loving and affectionate than before, it is probably his way of showing he is sorry for his past actions and wants to make sure you know how he feels. This might mean he says “I love you” more often or shows his love through kind gestures.

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