12 things to do if a guy ignores you after an argument


Arguments are a normal part of relationships, but they can leave a sting, especially if he starts ignoring you afterward. When this happens, it is important to approach the situation thoughtfully and with care. Here are 12 things to do if you find yourself in this uncomfortable situation. 

1. Assess the Situation

When you find yourself in a situation where an argument has led to him ignoring you, it is important to first take a step back and think about what triggered the disagreement. Reflect on the events and conversations that led up to the argument. Try to understand not just the content of the dispute but also the emotions involved. Was it a minor misunderstanding that escalated, or does it stem from a deeper issue? 

In his book “Emotional Intelligence,” Daniel Goleman highlights the importance of knowing why conflicts start for solving them effectively. He points out that understanding what emotionally triggered the argument and the situation around it can help you manage personal relationships better and find a way to make up.

2. Avoid Assuming and Jumping to Conclusions

When someone starts ignoring you after an argument, it is natural for your mind to fill with negative thoughts and worst-case scenarios. However, it is important not to jump to conclusions without knowing the full story. 

He might be needing some space to process the argument or deal with other unrelated stressors. Keeping an open mind about the reasons for his silence can prevent misunderstandings and help you approach the situation more calmly and effectively.

3. Give Him the Benefit of the Doubt

It is important to remember that his behavior may not be entirely about the argument or directed at you. People often carry stress from various aspects of their lives, such as work or personal challenges, that you might not be aware of. 

Giving him the benefit of the doubt means considering these other possible reasons for his silence. This approach allows you to keep perspective on the situation, encouraging empathy and patience while he works through whatever he may be facing.

4. Have a Conversation with Him

When you both have had some time to cool off, seek a good moment to talk things out. Start a gentle and honest conversation where you both can openly discuss the issue. Share your feelings and thoughts about what happened, but make sure to do so without accusing or blaming him. 

This type of communication can help clear up misunderstandings and lead to a mutual resolution, making it easier for both of you to understand each other’s perspectives and feelings.

5. Acknowledge Your Fault in the Argument

Admitting your own mistakes in an argument is an important step in healing the rift between you. By acknowledging your role in the disagreement, you demonstrate maturity and show that you are committed to improving the relationship. 

This act of taking responsibility can soften the atmosphere, making it easier for him to open up and address his feelings too. Ultimately, your willingness to recognize your faults can pave the way for a sincere apology and foster a deeper understanding and respect between both of you.

6. Prepare His Favorite Meal

A thoughtful gesture like preparing his favorite meal can be a heartwarming way to ease tensions after an argument. Sharing a meal that you have made especially for him can create a comforting and familiar setting, which may encourage openness and communication. 

This act of kindness shows you care and are willing to make an effort to mend things. It sets a positive tone, making it easier to bridge the gap and start a conversation in a relaxed and receptive atmosphere.

7. Apologize to Him

If you realize that you made a mistake during the argument, a heartfelt apology can really help smooth things over. Make sure your apology is genuine and shows that you understand how your actions might have hurt him. 

It is important to acknowledge his feelings and let him know you care about how he is affected. A sincere, well-expressed apology can open up the conversation and help you both start healing and moving forward together.

8. Give Him Space

It is really important to step back and give him some room to breathe after you have both heated up. Bombarding him with messages or calls might just push him further away. Letting things simmer down a bit gives you both a chance to think about what happened and maybe even miss each other a little. This space is not just good for him, but it gives you a break to sort out your feelings too.

9. Keep Yourself Busy

If he is giving you the silent treatment, it is the perfect time to get busy with things you love or have been putting off. Whether it is painting, jogging, or finally organizing that messy drawer, keeping your mind occupied helps keep the blues at bay. 

So, when you are feeling more upbeat and productive, you are in a much better place to chat when the time comes. It is a win-win: you get to catch up on your interests and lift your spirits at the same time!

10. Meet Up with People Who Love You

When he is not talking and you are feeling down, it is the perfect moment to hang out with your favorite people. Catch up with friends or family who make you feel loved and appreciated. 

They will cheer you up, make you laugh, and remind you of what’s really important. Spending time with them can brighten your mood and boost your confidence, making everything a little easier to handle. It is always good to remember you are not alone and loved by many.

11. Use Other Forms of Communication

If talking face-to-face feels too intense right now, why not write him a letter or send an email? It may sound odd but It is a great way to get all your thoughts down clearly without getting overwhelmed in the moment. 

You can take your time to say exactly what you want, and he can read it whenever he is ready. This can help ease into a conversation and make sure both of you understand each other’s points of view without the pressure of responding right away. Also it can feel pretty therapeutic to put it all on paper.

12. Stay Positive

Stay upbeat and keep believing that things will work out. Remind yourself that arguments are not the end of the world and you both can work through this. When you keep a positive attitude, it shows in the way you talk and can really change the vibe between you two. 

By following these steps, you can manage the situation better and build a stronger, healthier relationship. Just remember, good communication and patience are crucial when working through tough times together.

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