How to find answers to your questions in the rain and think better?


Have you ever noticed how rain can make everything feel fresh and new? When it rains, it is not just about getting wet but it is a chance to think deeply about life. In this article, we will explore how the simple act of watching or listening to rain can help us think more clearly and find answers to our problems. This process is called intentional thinking, and it is something anyone can do.

Why Rain Inspires Intentional Thinking

Rain has a way of calming our minds. The sound of raindrops hitting the ground or a window can be very soothing. When our minds are calm, it is easier to think about things clearly. Rain also makes us slow down because we can not rush about as usual. This slower pace is perfect for taking time to think deeply.

Being in the rain, or even just hearing it, helps us focus. It is like the rest of the world quiets down, and we can hear our own thoughts better. This makes it a great time to sort through our feelings and ideas.

Exploring Intentional Thinking

Intentional thinking involves taking active control of your thought processes. Like rain that can either enrich the soil or cause floods, our thoughts can uplift us or overwhelm us. Learning to steer your thoughts in a constructive direction can lead to a healthier, more supportive inner dialogue.

Steps to Cultivate Intentional Thinking

  • Recognize Each Thought

Take note of every thought that crosses your mind, whether it is positive or negative.

  • Determine Their Origins

Reflect on the origins of these thoughts. Ask yourself if they are genuinely yours or if they have been influenced by others.

  • Respond with Compassion

Address negative or challenging thoughts with compassion rather than criticism.

  • Select Constructive Thoughts

Make a conscious effort to choose thoughts that are positive and affirming.

Steps to Practice Intentional Thinking in the Rain

1. Find a Comfortable Space

Start by finding a cozy place where you can relax without getting too wet. It could be by a window, on a covered porch, or even under an umbrella in your yard.

2. Use the Sound of Rain as a Focal Point 

Listen to the rhythm of the rain. Let its sound wash over you and help clear your mind of other distractions.

3. Reflect on Key Questions or Challenges 

Think about something you have been wondering about or a problem you need to solve. Let your thoughts flow freely without judging them.

4. Document Insights or Ideas 

Keep a notebook handy to write down any insights or ideas that come to you. Sometimes, the best ideas come when we least expect them!

Using the RAIN Technique for Clearer Thinking and Calm

The RAIN method, created by Michele McDonald, is an easy yet effective way to handle our thoughts and feelings mindfully. Here’s what RAIN stands for:

  • Recognize: Notice what you are thinking and feeling at the moment.
  • Allow: Let these thoughts and feelings exist without trying to change them.
  • Investigate: Look into these thoughts and feelings with curiosity and kindness.
  • Natural Awareness: Watch these experiences but remember they aren’t who you are.

Benefits of Intentional Thinking

Intentional thinking in the rain can really help us in a few ways. First, it can give us clearer minds for making decisions. It is easier to choose the right path when we think things through carefully. Also, this kind of focused thinking can spark new ideas and solutions we had not thought of before.

Lastly, taking this quiet time can boost our overall well-being. It gives us a break from the daily rush and stress, allowing us to return to our tasks feeling refreshed and ready.


Next time it rains, take a moment to pause and reflect. Use this time to engage in intentional thinking, and you might be surprised by the clarity and creativity that follow. Rain is not just good for the earth but it is good for our minds too!

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